300hr Yoga Advanced Studies Course

Welcome to Yoga to the People's Advanced Studies course. We are excited to provide teachers with a platform to experience personal growth while strengthening their ability to implement his or her knowledge and curiosities into their yoga teaching. Please take a moment to browse the information on this site and reach out with any questions that arise. 


Dates and Modules

** Trainees are required to attend both Modules 1 and 2, as well as two 50hr Yoga Practice Intensives with either Yoga to the People or Science of Self to be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance. Additional dates for Yoga Practice Intensives can be found at Science of Self TT. You can complete these 50hr segments at any time.

The group meets for two module sessions, from 9am to 9pm each day. The training will take place at Yoga to the People - 12 St Marks Place, #4R, New York, NY.  

Module 1: June 20th through June 29th


Module 2: September 5th through September 10th



Early Bird Rate is $2,850 Application must be received by June 1st. All applications received after June 1st are regular enrollment and pay the full $3150.

Both rates are for the two modules in June/July and September. Upon completing those modules you receive an Advanced Yoga Teaching Certification, which means you can claim to be an Advanced Certified Teacher through Yoga to the People. If you desire to register as an 300hr certified instructor through the Yoga Alliance, you must complete two additional 50hr modules. Please visit here for those dates.


There is an initial $500 payment which will be applied to your full tuition payment. Once accepted into teacher training the deposit is non refundable. However, should you enroll and then be unable to participate, we will honor your deposit and any additional monies received towards a future YTTP training of your choosing when circumstances are more conducive.

Want more info?

Reach out to us at advancedstudies@yttptraining.com

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Acupressure and Self Healing

We will spend time each day learning the important acupressure points for deepening Yoga practice including the 8 Wind gates. Trainees will learn valuable skills for helping themselves and others through touch.

Advanced anatomy and Disease Processes

We will go in depth on anatomy topics relevant to a Yogi's practice. We will look at common disease processes from the western and eastern perspectives.

Advanced Asana variations, adjustments and inversions

These will be included in the Master sequence and will give trainees the skills to safely teach these postures to any level.

Advanced Pranayama

We will explore new techniques including breath retention practices and practices to awaken mental powers.

Asana and Sequencing 

There will be a set sequence that acts as a backbone to the training's dissection and discussion of asanas. Similar to Rose Erin Vaughan's "Master class" that will offer modifications and variations for all levels. It is a sequence that can be modified to last 60-120 minutes.

Teaching Private Lessons

We will spend significant time working on how to deisgn a sequence for an indivual students needs. This will include interviewing the student to find his/her goals and current condition, observing the student's posture and movement, and putting together an appropriate sequence of pranayama, asana, and acupressure points as needed. Through lecture, discussion, meditation and on the mat experience, we will explore how compassion can be cultivated through yoga practice. Relevant scientific research in compassion and metta meditation will be presented, alongside traditional philosophical texts from the yoga and meditation traditions. We will explore techniques for adapting yoga practice to embody self-compassion. Students will be able to practice and teach metta meditation, speak to its evidence-based and experiential benefits, and adapt asana practices to help student cultivate self-compassion.

Intro to Tantra, Sexuality and Yoga

We will introduce and discuss the broad topic of Tantra and how we can move through all realms of life, including sexuality, as full-time Yogis.

Meridians and Meditation

Students will learn and embody knowledge of the 12 meridians and organs through lecture, asana, and a special Meridian-circuit meditation technique.

5 Spirits and the Shadow

We will introduce and explore the Taoist 5 "Spirits" or Aspects of the Mind and how they can help us incorporate what we might percieve as the "Shadow" or hidden self.

Bhakti and Mantra

We will celebrate and rejoice daily with Singing mantras, dancing and drumming!