Power Vinyasa Training

Yoga to the People's 200hr 10-week teacher training program* aims to supply students with the tools necessary to lead a safe and informed power vinyasa style class. While the content of our curriculum is in line with requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance, we pride ourselves in compiling a unique 'tasting-platter' like style to our training where students are exposed to various aspects of the practice in the hopes of uncovering and then honoring his or her unique voice as a teacher.

In this program you will explore the connection between anatomy, asana and sequencing, as well as the origins of this multifaceted practice, from some of the most accomplished instructors  in these fields. In conjunction with lecture, group guided work and hands-on practicum, trainees are geared toward success by working with real students in YttP studios as well as optional weekday workshops and study sessions.  

  • Our 200hr Immersion and Advanced Studies courses are certified solely through Yoga to the People

Traditional Hot Yoga

Yoga to the People and Hot on Yoga studios have paired together to bring a unique and thorough program to further understand the traditional hot yoga practice. This sequence, sometimes referred to as the "26 and 2" series, consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises which offer teachers-in-training the opportunity to dissect the human body in a methodical way by means of yoga. Students spend time not only working with the asana and sequence itself, but also learning the importance of the hot yoga room environment and how the space is managed. This is done during training hours as well as time spent in studio.